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The Company

We are designed to meet our client's needs for support. Our global network and advisory board can provide the highest quality of services in a pro-active and cost-effective manner. Our global presence with offices in the Asia Pacific, Americas, Europe, Africa & Middle East enables us to deliver optimal results to you. We can help you not just to improve your game, but to change the game itself!

Enabling companies to do business in Sri Lanka

  • SCG Advisory
  • Strategic Risk and Opportunity Analysis
  • Lead Generation Services
  • Strategic Partner Search
  • Market Research and Business Intelligence Services
  • Security and Operational Consulting
  • Market Entry Consulting
  • Due Diligence and Monitoring Services
  • Crisis Management
  • Corporate Immigration & Relocation
  • Global Visa Concierge
  • Office Space and Virtual Office
  • Destination Services
  • Risk Management
  • Legal Services & Dispute Resolution
  • Company Incorporation/Project Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Corporate Tax Services / Company Secretarial Services
  • Small Order Supplier Search
  • Arranging Meetings with Suppliers & Service Providers
  • Business Matching
  • Organize Meetings, Workshops, Conferences and Events